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Everything you need to compete in the digital marketplace and get..


"We go beyond traditional, short-sighted views of most marketing companies.
We dedicate everything toward making each project a success, no matter how difficult."

Boutique Internet Marketing Services to fit any business niche and size


Our Niche Approach Targets Audiences Online Looking for Your Products and Services.

We invest in our clients, we research your competition, and with a Tech-Forward approach, we do everything we can as an Internet Marketing Company to make your businesses online marketing strategy a success.


Immediately we begin noticing on-site technical issues that cause even the most well funded Online Marketing campaigns to fail. We notice the past work done to your site that has caused good and bad consequences for your online marketing campaign. We take notice of your business's message and if it is being clearly defined to your audience of why they should be doing business with you.


We do not hesitate on implementing fixes for all the issues we notice. We implement all of this within the first month of starting our services. We understand the importance of doing things correctly and immediately to turn around your business online presence into a dominate one.


Content is King! If it is on-site or off-site. Good content ranks high, good content drives traffic, good content builds links, a good content strategy is everything to a well ran Internet Marketing strategy.


Be proud of your business and your message. Make it stand out to your targeted audience in your niche. We use the latest technology platforms to target audiences looking for your products and/or services, in your specified area, even based on demographics to hype up your business and promote your message.


Examining current and existing data help determines what changes are working and not working. We take notice of what is giving you a better return of investment and what is not. We then implement the fixes to fine tune your campaign for the best return of investment.


We help you, get your business to the next level by offering specific inbound marketing services that are proven.

To represent your business online we take the time to understand your business's vision and message. We will focus on creative approaches to create a clear message to your audience, supported by Calls to Action and Unique Selling points.

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Naturally Improving
Search Engine Rankings

Organic search is when you do not pay for ad placements on search results.
You rank naturally by being the most authoritative site for the search criteria.
My Biz Niche specializes in building your websites authority for your local biz

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Pay-Per-Click Ads

Target highly qualified leads instantly with a paid search campaign. This can
be a very cost effective way to get in front of your audience. To run a success-
ful campaign it takes in depth research, good copy writing, and constant
monitoring. We treat your paid search budget like our own and focus on get-
ting your business the best return on your ad spend.

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The Best Maketing Strategies
for Your Business

Ever wonder how a relevant ad is served directly to you?
When you searched for a product or service, or visited their website?
This is one of the most effective ways to get in front of your audience and build your business.

You too can have this enterprise advertising ability on small business prices. We will get you in front of your audience actively looking for your product and service in your local area based on several factors including:

“Keywords Searched, Location, Demographics, and previous products and/or websites viewed.”

Get in front of your competitors audience and active buyers and brand yourself as the new authoritative biz in your niche.

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