5 Ways To Enhance Customer Experience Through Web Design

We all know how important it is for a business to have an online presence, particularly through a website. Without it, it will just be a matter of time before its competitors leave it biting their dust. So if you have a business, setting up a website for it would be a step in the right direction.

Having a website, however, isn’t enough to guarantee your business’ success. Among other things, its web design must provide visitors the kind of experience that will not only make them stay longer but will actually provide you with the one thing that every webmaster wants: conversions.

Whether it’s a subscription to a newsletter you’re putting out or actual sales of the products or services you’re offering, conversions are the lifeblood of any website. And one of the best ways of boosting your chances of getting them is to enhance the customer experience through web design.

Web design has many elements, and all of them play a vital role in providing the browsing experience your customer deserves. To continue attracting customers and keeping them, you need to enhance your customer experience through web design. Here are five ways that you can do just that.

1. Create an attractive homepage.

Your homepage is, more often than not, the first page of your website that a visitor explores. In many cases, it also ends up being the sole page of your website visitors spend some time exploring before bouncing off to another site.

Whether a visitor leaves or stays to explore your site some more tends to depend on the impression your homepage leaves on them. How it looks matter, and so does its ability to keep visitors interested in what you have to offer. If they see nothing but awful design, you cannot expect them to spend any more of their time on your website.

An attractive homepage doesn’t necessarily mean gorgeous visuals, although it would be nice to make an effort toward this end. Striking photography, bold, easy-to-read fonts, and interactive elements, after all, make for an appealing homepage. Top all that off with a clean, uncluttered layout, and you’ll have an easy-on-the-eyes homepage that will draw people in and make them want to explore your site further.

2. Make navigation convenient.

So you have a killer homepage which successfully gets the attention of people and makes them stay longer. Then they spend a couple of minutes getting irritated and confused because your navigation leaves so much to be desired. Not unexpectedly, they will leave your site for another, and you will lose them, probably for good.

Visitors want the sites they visit to be easily navigable. Navigational elements should be clear enough to help them understand the way you have organized your site. Links to other internal pages have to be easy to follow. You can use drop-down menus and anchored navigation bars to ensure visitors know what to click so they can go to the pages that they’re looking for much more easily.

3. Speed up your website.

We live in a world where just about everybody seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere—online or otherwise. A website that takes forever to load does not help customers one bit. By today’s standards, customers expect the pages they visit to open in three seconds or less. Any longer than that, and they won’t be waiting around to give you their business.

Tweaking your web design is one of the ways to boost your page loading speed. Optimizing the images and videos you use will help. The same goes for steering clear of custom fonts. Limiting some of the website features like sliders or carousels, which increase page load speed, can speed things up.

4. Make the purchasing process easier.

If you’re running an ecommerce site, then few things would make the customer experience better than making it easier for them to buy your products. Many customers feel they’re wasting their time when a website is designed in a way that makes them provide a lot of additional information and go through multiple identity checks and confirmations before they can buy anything.

As much as possible, limit the hoops that customers have to jump through just to get their business. The easier it is for them to buy whatever you have to offer, the better the customer experience would be.

5. Mobile-friendliness is a must.

The number of mobile users has long overtaken that of desktop users. Most people now do their shopping for goods and services on their smartphones and tablets. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’re not making it easier for people to access everything it has to offer.

Enhance your customer experience by going responsive. With a responsive website, you give your customers a seamless look across both mobile and desktop platforms, making it easier for them to provide you with the conversions you need.

These are just some of the many ways to improve customer experience through web design aside from hiring the right web design and digital marketing company. By making sure that your web design makes it easier for visitors to do what they need to do while exploring your site, the customer experience will always be a high point for them.

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