Facebook Marketing Tips That Just Might Work For Your Business

It’s easy to point to Facebook’s 2.5 billion monthly users to convince entrepreneurs to market their business there.

Of course, you can’t expect to reach all of them, but making your business known to even just a tiny fraction of that figure should better its chances of hitting its goals.

Still, successful Facebook marketing requires serious work, from thinking up and implementing a robust social media marketing strategy to the actual task of posting content regularly and managing it.

If you’re going about your Facebook marketing the DIY way, here are some tips that could work for your business.

Mention Your Facebook Account On Your Website

If you have a business website, you will do well to make references to your Facebook account in its content every chance you get.

Your blog posts, for example, could benefit from social sharing buttons that make it easier for your readers to share them.

With social sharing buttons displayed prominently on your website’s pages, people would know that you actually have a Facebook account which they will likely check out.

Run A Contest

Giving away free stuff may be an old marketing trick, but it’s still just as effective in the age of social media as it was all those years ago. After all, people will always love freebies, no matter the era.

When you hold a contest on Facebook, you’ll be implementing a relatively inexpensive way of furthering your Facebook marketing goals and getting results you can measure and analyze.

Even better is the opportunity to show generosity to your followers, who will most likely tell their friends about it and consequently help increase your engagement.

Share User-generated Content

When you like social media posts by the people who follow you on Facebook, make it a point to share them on your account.

Sharing user-generated content helps you post something fresh on your Facebook page and lets you show your appreciation for their creativity at the same time.

The fact that 79% of people say that user-generated content significantly impacts their buying decisions should also convince you to start sharing some now. Just don’t forget to ask the owner of the content for permission to repost it.

Create Your Own Facebook Group

You may not realize it, but a Facebook Group is actually a pretty potent marketing tool.

With a Facebook Group that you’re moderating yourself, you can get followers, clients, and prospects together in one room where you can discuss just about anything, publish articles, post exclusive content, or even share weird memes for fun.

The best thing about creating a Facebook Group is that you get to build an engaged community that will help you build long-lasting relationships with customers, among other things.

Go Live From Time to Time

Regular social media posts are good, but 82% of audiences would rather have live video from a brand.

Understandably, it requires a certain amount of savvy to go live and address followers directly.

So, if you’re comfortable being in front of the camera, then make use of Facebook Live and personally connect with customers and fans alike in real time. Just make sure you’re prepared to answer questions—or even complaints about your products or services—from those following the live stream.

Hype Up New Offerings With Previews and Teasers

When you’re cooking up new products and services, you will need to create a buzz about them.

Treat your new offerings like an upcoming movie, and create previews and teasers to hype them to your audience.

Videos, images, or even blurbs about what’s to come from your brand in a few days or weeks can ramp up anticipation for it and have people counting the days until its launch.

Remember, however, not to show too much in your previews to preserve the excitement for the duration of the wait.

Consider The Use of Facebook Ads

You might be a bit apprehensive about using Facebook Ads because doing so does entail certain expenses, but they happen to be a lot cheaper than most online marketing channels.

With Facebook Ads, you can work towards achieving the results you want, from increased Facebook page engagement to additional revenue for your business.

Need Help With Facebook Marketing?

Running Facebook Marketing for your business by yourself is a good thing, but as mentioned earlier, it will require serious work to do it successfully. 

You need to put in plenty of time and effort when managing your business’ Facebook account, but running the business itself could make things trickier for you.

If you need help with your Facebook Marketing, particularly with Facebook Ads management, give us a call at My Biz Niche. 

We can then schedule a free consultation, where you can find out how our social advertising specialists will work to bring in more revenue for your business through your presence on Facebook.

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