Foolproof Instagram Strategies for Better Engagement

The digital world is always changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the best ways to keep your audience interested and engaged online. As a digital marketing agency that’s been in the business for years, our team has picked up a few tricks of the trade, and we are always evolving our strategies to help our clients connect with their audience. Here are a few super simple, super-effective strategies for boosting your Instagram engagement, no matter your niche.

Ask your audience to engage

Yup, it’s that easy. If you want your users to comment on your posts more, start asking them to! Try requesting their opinion—ask a yes/no question, give options and ask, “Which would you choose?” or ask them about themselves. People love talking about themselves (especially on the internet!). Asking people questions not only increases your engagement but also gives you useful insights into who your audience is and what is meaningful to them.

Write longer captions

Long captions increase the amount of time people spend on a post (if they stick around to read the whole thing), which Instagram’s algorithm rewards you for. When you write a longer caption for a post, make sure that it is attention-grabbing, well-written, and interesting enough to convince people to read it from start to finish. Create a narrative that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Keep in mind that only the beginning of your caption will show in peoples’ feeds, so you need to make it interesting enough to entice people to click and read more.

Get personal

People want to see people. Studies have shown that posts with faces in them do much better across the board than any others, soliciting 38% more engagement overall. Remember, it’s called social media for a reason—Instagram is all about people connecting with each other. Take the opportunity to humanize your brand by posting pictures of your team and getting a little personal.

Use geotags to show your location

Posts that tag geographic locations have a 79% higher engagement rate than those that don’t. And it takes about two seconds to do.

Engage with accounts similar to yours

Try to engage with accounts related to your brand (think same niche, same demographic) every single day. Follow accounts similar to yours, comment on their photos, and share some of their posts in your story. Some good ways to find relevant accounts is to search your own keywords and see who comes up and to look through Instagram’s “accounts you might like” recommendations. These accounts are also a great way to find relevant hashtags you should be using.

Be funny

Let your sense of humor shine when making posts. People will engage more if you make them laugh and are far more likely to tag friends or share your post if it is funny.

Use “Tag a Friend” posts

If you can get people to tag friends in the comments, it’s a great way to introduce new people to your brand and increase your followers. The trick is to ask people to do this without sounding spammy. This is the perfect time to lean into your sense of humor—try sharing a funny meme or picture with the caption “tag that one friend.”

Don’t post too much

Posting all the time will fill up your followers’ newsfeeds, and they will get sick of your content, even if it is valuable stuff. Avoid causing follower fatigue by limiting yourself to posting once or twice a day maximum.

Hashtag correctly

Hashtags shouldn’t be too broad, but not so specific that they’re not getting used (or seen) much. You want to find a happy medium. Your hashtags should be narrow enough that they apply to your niche and appeal to your target demographic.

Make sure people know you have an Instagram account

Is it easy for people who know your brand through other ways to find your Instagram account? Make sure that you have links to your Instagram account on your website, email campaigns, and any other marketing materials.

Post stories

If you’re not posting Instagram stories, you’re being left behind. Use question stickers and polls in stories to increase engagement and learn more about your followers.

Engage with followers, and they’ll engage with you

Follow people back, check out their accounts, ask them questions, find out what’s important to them, and curate content based on that to resonate with them more fully. Reply to all comments and messages and do so as promptly as you can.

Give something away

Instagram contests are a super-easy way to boost engagement. Ask people to comment and tag a friend to be entered in a draw to win a free product or service from your company.

Have someone else do it for you for a day

Have an influencer related to your niche do a takeover of your account. They will add some new and interesting content to your account and bring their followers to you.

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