How Link Building Can Help Any Business

Backlinks are hyperlinks on an external website that point to a page on your site. One of the key ranking factors for search engines like Google is the amount and quality of links pointing to your site from external sites. Therefore, backlinks can significantly boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERP).

Link building is a strategy that focuses on not only creating quality content for your own site but also participating in outreach to publish and post valuable content on external sites that link back to yours.

Content Creation for Link Building

The first step to a backlinking campaign is to create value-driven content on your site that can be linked to. The goal here is to curate actionable content that provides tangible value to the reader, and would serve as a valuable resource when linked to in another piece of content. A few examples:

  • Blog Posts: informative articles on industry-relevant topics
  • Case Studies: examples of successful projects or client successes
  • Survey Results: either use existing proprietary data or run a survey and compile results
  • Infographic: information-rich visual, see below for an example

The Benefits of Backlinks

When done correctly, link building can significantly increase referral traffic to your website, which will improve organic search rankings over time. You chose where you link to, so you can also drive more leads or sales from the influx of traffic. As your site is sourced in more articles or guest posts, you’ll increase brand awareness and establish your business as an authority in your space.

Integrate Link Building Into Your Digital Strategy

Link building should be a key part of all SEO and content marketing strategies, and it’s also a long-term game. It takes talent, time and persistence to create valuable content and develop an extensive network. Your outreach and content team also needs to be aware of Google’s content regulations and ensure that you’re providing content and links with both best practices and users in mind. Check out the below infographic for a guide to link building.

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