How Video Content Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

It’s getting harder and harder to fool Google (say fool Google 10x fast) when it comes to quality content.

Yesterday’s link building tactics are old news for SEO and no longer effective. User experience wins out these days.

Video content is leading the charge on this front. While video isn’t read the same way the written word, and is processed by Google accordingly, it can be an impactful SEO technique for a variety of reasons.

Here are five ways that video content can boost your SEO efforts:

1. YouTube

Let’s be clear: YouTube is a search engine.

It can be foolhardy to limit the scope of your SEO efforts to Google. After all, you want to optimize all forms of content for search, and YouTube is the second biggest player in the game (with only YouTube owner Google ahead of it).

You must factor in SEO to your YouTube strategy. You can optimize your YouTube videos and Channel to help you rank better both directly on YouTube and Google as well. It is unsurprising that Google is a bit biased and gives preferential treatment to YouTube videos. Do your job within YouTube and you will reap the benefits in other search engine results pages (SERPs) as well.

Start with a keyword planner tool. There are several free tools if you search.

Here’s what you should optimize:

  • Your video’s title with keywords that will help it to rank on the first page of Google
  • The video description should be at least 200 words long and sprinkled with keywords throughout
  • Metadata should include as much contextual info that you can possibly squeeze in there

Let’s pause for a moment to remember that quality content that is fresh, relevant and incredibly engaging is the goal of SEO, otherwise your efforts are for naught.

2. Dwell Time

You can capture a lot with a single Kodak moment, but video tells much more of a story.

Carefully planned video content, that is well-produced, will serve to build your brand and the reputation of your business, because it can effectively communicate your core values and mission statement in an attention-grabbing manner.

This is important from an SEO perspective, as the amount of time a visitor spends on your site is a critical ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The longer a visitor spends on your site, the better your search rankings.

Additionally, if a visitor spends more time on your site, the likelihood of them continuing to additional areas of your site increases. Having them click to other pages will reduce your bounce rate, which is another important ranking factor. The mere inclusion of a video on a page can mean longer page visits. This will tell Google that your page includes relevant info, which will raise your SERP rank and boost traffic.

That’s why you should be paying attention to dwell time and bounce rate to aid your SEO efforts. This can be helped with video content.

3. Social Shares

With more quality content comes a better audience reception.

You must gain an understanding of your intended audience before you even begin to create video content. It should dictate your video content strategy. What is your intended goal?

If you’re already getting a steady stream of traffic to your website, and have a good following on social media, you’re already headed down the path towards getting social shares. While social shares do not carry the weight that powerful backlinks do in the realm of SEO, it’s a good idea to put in an effort towards connecting with bloggers and influencers who may share your content and even link to it.

If you need some inspiration or ideas when it comes to low budget video content that can boost your SEO, here are a few examples:

  • Customer testimonials or reviews
  • A guided tour of your office-space or facilities
  • Video teasers for your latest products or services
  • Video diaries or slice of life updates from your team
  • How to’s for your goods and services
  • FAQs to solve common issues faced by your customers

Video content can mean many things and can fit any sized budget, but like any SEO task, consistency is essential. If your audience expects video content and that well runs dry, you risk negatively impacting your traffic. Search engines will take notice and you will see your SERP rankings drop.

4. On-Site Conversions

On a surface level, SEO is aimed at growing traffic. If you look deeper, it’s really about boosting the conversions on your site. That means good SEO that increases your site visitors is only half the job. Video content can help to take you the rest of the way there, assisting in converting site visitors into customers.

You can use video content for any marketing objective:

  • Promote your mailing list
  • Grow your social media following
  • Answer questions about your goods or services
  • A Call To Action to convert

You only have a brief moment to capture the attention of your site visitors. Video can accomplish this quickly and easily.

An engaging video that is embedded on a landing page may not always boost your search rankings (though we previously discussed that it can), but it can help you to increase your conversion rate. That is sure to be a boost for your business.

5. Rich Snippets and Their Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR)

You’ve likely noticed the new ways that Google displays results, with more and more information being given directly in the results. That’s thanks to rich snippets, which can be optimized to convince a potential site visitor of the value within and increase your CTR.

With rich snippets, Google will show a thumbnail for your video, the title and even a brief description of the video’s content. That’s why not only is it crucial to optimize the description, but you must also take the thumbnail into consideration when uploading your video. People are drawn to captivating images, and taking the additional step to choose a well-designed thumbnail will play a big role in getting the highest CTR possible.

Google’s increased use of rich snippets has also shown to deliver a higher CTR. So, if you’re using video content, you’ll want to ensure you’re using rich snippets that will display for potential site visitors across the web and preview the video to maximize your CTR.

In Conclusion

Simply look at the success of YouTube influencers, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Ads to demonstrate the importance of quality video content across the digital space.

Video content has proven to boost the visibility of your brand, increase traffic and create more conversions. It just may be that putting some time and effort into a video content strategy could be the best decision you make for your SEO efforts all year.

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