Social Media Marketing and ROI

“People tell me I should be on twitter.””Facebook Ads manager? What’s that?”

“I don’t even remember my password.”

As a digital marketing agency, we hear these phrases pretty often when talking to business owners about their social media. It’s rare to come across a business who is consistently publishing any sort of content to their social pages. A business producing genuinely engaging content? Even more rare. Links, photos and videos are constantly being shared by these business pages hoping to reach as many people as possible with the goal of driving leads and sales; however, most business owners and even social media managers don’t understand this important factor about social media…

Organic Social media is no longer an effective channel to drive traffic and sales!

Right now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of…

“Why is everyone telling me to get more business off social media then?”

Even though social media isn’t going to be a free tool to drive you instant leads and increase sales right away, its arguably the best place to engage people in one-on-one conversations, brand your business, and grow your reach. BUT. The organic reach on social media continues to decline for businesses. In fact, only 2% – 6% of content that you are posting is being shown to your audience. Why? An explosion in the amount of content that is being produced, along with Facebook and Instagrams algorithms putting a priority toward the posts of family, friends, and viral videos over business pages.

Think of it like this;
No one is going to pay attention to what you are shouting into a megaphone, if you’re surrounded by a sea of thousands of others shouting into their own megaphones. Make sense?

This doesn’t mean you should forget about social media. Just means that businesses need to approach it differently. To be successful on social media now, you must publish with purpose. So, instead of taking the spray and pray approach, you can implement things like:

  • Encourage engagement from followers – Posting content that peaks people’s curiosity. Ask your followers questions. Every time a follower engages with your content, they become more familiar and trusting with your brand, meaning you’re more likely to pop into their brain when they’re looking to purchase.
  • Curate quality video content – According to a study done by Quintly, native Facebook videos have a 186% higher engagement rate and are shared over 1000% more than videos from any other hosting site. If you come across a quality video that could be related back to your business, share it with your followers!
  • Spend some money – Facebook is scary good at helping you target the consumers you want. Organic reach is going to continue to drop. The sooner you start learning how to run effective ads on Facebook, the better off your business will be. Your budget is best spent advertising with your genuine assets, such as blog posts and original videos.

What’s the difference between Organic Social Media Strategy and Paid Social Media Strategy?

Organic social media strategy:

This covers any post you create where there is no ad spend behind pushing out the content. I mentioned earlier how miserable organic reach has become, but that doesn’t make organic content irrelevant. The focus of organic posting should be about your branding. Share the story of your business and the people behind it. Give people something they can connect to. BUT DON’T ASK FOR PEOPLE’S MONEY!

There is a time and a place to ask for business. Organic social media is no longer one of those places. The amount of times someone will see your organic content is limited and you’re better off using organic content to build trust instead of selling your product or promoting a special.

You should also consider targeting who you’re organic social media content is shown to. Now you may be wondering, “Why would I want EVEN LESS people to see my posts?”

But hear me out…

Setting a target audience won’t hide your content anywhere on Facebook, it will prioritize delivering the content to the section of your audience you’ve specified. Now remember, organic reach has been reported to only being shown to 2-6% of the audience following you. If you can determine the type of person in your audience who is most likely to engage with your content, you’ll be able to fill that 2-6% with users more likely to engage.

The more engagement an organic post has, the more your content will be seen throughout the networks of followers who engage on your posts, resulting in more eyeballs.

Paid Social Media Strategy:As organic engagement drops, the importance of social media ads grows. Facebook has created the most complex ad platform in the history of marketing. When done right, marketers can utilize Facebook and Instagram ads to put their brand in front of highly targeted audiences. (Lock & Load, Baby.) The best part is, the cost of ads can be pennies on the dollar in comparison to other marketing channels. PLUS, the cost of running ads can become even cheaper when you are targeting a more relevant audience. Facebook calls this, Relevancy Score, and is built through Facebook’s Algorithm, based on the percentage of users engaging with your ad – vs. – the amount of users viewing your ad(impressions).

Take a look at this Facebook ad I ran for one of our clients…

The Film distributor came to us looking to help spread awareness of their new film, Clowntergeist, via social media. The client has a pretty small social media budget. $500 to be exact. That kind of budget isn’t going to take you very far with any other marketing channel. Facebook is a different story, let me show you how…

We jumped into Facebook’s Power Editor to build out a micro-targeted audience we believed would be into this sort of film. Our ads split tested variations of the films trailer, with different copy and different CTA’s. This is a very important step in optimizing your ads for the best possible cost / result. After 2 weeks of daily monitoring our ads and who was reacting and viewing the trailer, we had the data to create an even more defined audience for the final trailer, which announced the release of the film.

At this mid-point in the campaign, we had already exceeded the client’s expectations. And still had $250 remaining. Here are the results from the final ad:

  • 142,000 + PEOPLE REACHED
  • 720+ REACTIONS
  • 700+ SHARES
  • 212+ COMMENTS

Not too bad for $250 right?This social media campaign was a success because we were able to define the client’s objective. Which in this case, was awareness of their film.

We were able to get a strong starting point of an audience that would be interested in the film. Throughout the campaign we studied and tested the audience to optimize how our budget would be spent, then once our testing was complete…WE BLASTED THE AUDIENCE!

Now Start Playing!

When you’re dealing with the social media, the best thing you can do is test the strategies and types of content that work best for your business. When you stop spamming your followers with an overload of marketing content and hone in on effective organic and paid strategy you’ll separate yourself from your competitors and reap the rewards of social media. Take it from us, it’s what we do.
Now go play, Biz Niches!

Austin Social Media Strategist


Austin Urlocker is a social media pro who specializes in creating organic and paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. As the social strategist for My Biz Niche, Austin uses his obsession for seeking out the latest social media trends and tactics to successfully grow the social media presence of My Biz Niche clients.

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