Telltale Signs Your SEO Is Working

If you have a business website and you’re making an effort to optimize it, then you’re on the right track, regardless of whether you’re doing your SEO on your own or with the help of a reliable SEO agency.

However, just because you’re optimizing your site doesn’t guarantee SEO success.

While it’s reasonable to be optimistic that SEO will get your site ranking high in search results and bring all the good things that come with it, you can never tell right away that your optimization strategy is working.

Then again, there is no such thing as instant SEO success. If you ask most SEO firms, they will likely say that it will take about four to six months before you start seeing results that will tell you if your SEO efforts are effective.

So, what are the signs that your SEO is working?

Higher Rankings, More Organic Traffic

A huge part of SEO is all about working to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs), and by high, we mean the first page of search results.

If Google’s algorithm determines that your pages are highly relevant to a user’s search query and intent, their chances of making it to the first page of search results are pretty good.

The higher your pages rank in the SERPs, the better their chances of being viewed by more people, directly leading to increased organic traffic.

In turn, continued organic traffic growth will likely lead to more business.

When your pages are ranking high, and your traffic rises, then you’ll know that you’re doing something right as far as your SEO efforts are concerned.

People Are Spending More Time On Your Site

Creating quality content is part of any SEO strategy. When your site carries relevant, useful content that answers users’ questions, a visitor is more likely to get a great experience using your site and stay longer to explore your pages more.

You will need to use Google Analytics to see how much time an average user spends on your site. Compare past reports and check if there’s an increase in an average user’s time on site since the day you started optimizing it.

If people are spending more time on your site, it’s very likely that they really are interested in your content, which means that part of your SEO strategy is working.

You Have A Good Bounce Rate

When people reach your site but exit immediately without visiting any of its other pages, then these visitors will consequently be added to your bounce rate, a metric that many SEOs and online marketers are often so wary about when it’s high.

However, if visitors see from the get-go that your site has, among other things, quality content, they will probably stick around and check out your other pages. That should effectively reduce your bounce rate.

Then again, a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad for your site.

Google itself gives the assurance that a high bounce rate is perfectly normal if you have a single-page site such as a blog.

Of course, if your website has more than one page, then a high bounce rate won’t do you any good, as it’s pretty much a sign that your site is not providing what people are looking for when they use a search engine.

So, if Google Analytics reports that the bounce rate for your multi-page site is low, then you have a good bounce rate, and that would be a testament to your effective SEO work.

Increasing Conversion Rate

The ultimate goal of any SEO strategy is to see an upturn in conversions, which could come in the form of a signup for a service, subscription to a newsletter, a completed web form, or sales of a product or service.

Higher rankings are great, but they don’t mean much in the end if you have a low conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors to your site who complete a desired action.

You can attract millions of visitors and still end up with little to no conversions because they’re not taking the action you’re asking them to take.

Optimizing your site for conversion is par for the course for an SEO strategy. Writing headlines that clearly communicate your value proposition and crafting strong calls-to-action (CTAs) are two of the many things you can do to optimize your site for conversion.

When the tools you use show an increase in your conversion rate over a certain period, you can rest easy knowing that all your hard work optimizing your site is starting to pay off.

Never Rest On Your SEO Laurels

You will understandably be happy if all signs are pointing to a working SEO strategy.

However, whatever you do, don’t rest on your laurels. SEO will always be a work in progress, and your competitors won’t stop working to get results that are ultimately better than yours.Should you need assistance coming up with a digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the SEO game, contact us at My Biz Niche. We’d be more than happy to help.

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