Website Design Trends for 2019: How To Stay Ahead of The Curve With Your Website

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping an ear to the ground is imperative. In this era of increasing connectivity, a website that is built in line with web design trends is crucial. Nowadays it’s far more important than ever to see what 2019 has in store for web design.

We all want to start at the top or as close to it as we can get. When a business comes up against fierce competition, a mediocre website doesn’t work anymore. Instead of building a website as merely a visual representation of your company, create one that’s strong and more customized to make it stand out to your customers. That said, by integrating the website design trends listed here, you can be sure your site will stay ahead of the curve.

It’s next to impossible to keep the brand ahead without a website that solves the user’s problems. That’s why keeping up with the trends is vital when it comes to creating the layout of a site and improving its usability for the people who check it out. You have to keep improving to build a relevant website that can help maximize your business.

Recently, technologies like scroll, animations, and moving graphics have become popular among web designers, who continue to develop exciting stuff with new trends. Check out the web design trends below from TemplateMonster and see if they can help make your website stand out in 2019.

Top 10 Web Design Trends to Keep Eyes on

Trend #1: Purposeful Micro-Animations and Motion

Bored with flashing ads or intrusive popups? You’re not alone. If you want your business website to appear up to date, consider adding motion design.

A lot of trends come and go, but animation remains one of the top ways of enhancing user experience on the web. Animated graphs or single moving elements can be one of the most appealing innovative web design trends for 2019. By catching the eye of users, you can keep their attention and make them stay on the page longer.

Your website can make quite an impact by animating and scaling simple vectors or custom illustrations. Different scalable, artwork-based dynamic elements allow you to tell the story in a cleverer way.

Still, it’s not a magic pill, and the usability of any micro-animation should be well-thought-out. If not used carefully, chances are, it’ll be nothing more than visual noise.

Trend #2: Parallax Animation Techniques

Interested in adding more life to your photographs? Try Parallax animation, which can make your images come alive and add more energy and dimension to any of them. So, instead of a static, mediocre website, you get one that stands out.

As with any other web design trend, animations should be used with caution. Take the preferences of your users into consideration before adding Parallax animations. As long as this trendy technique adds fun to your web design, it can work in favor of your site.

Remember, simplicity is key nowadays. Do it right, and make sure animations are speedy and fluid. Keep working hard to make your website more interactive. All in all, it can make a difference in your business.

Trend #3: Make Your Fonts Speak

With the development by Johannes Gutenberg of the movable type printing press, the world of words changed forever. Since then, new and original typefaces are being created every day.

Bold and colorful designs are back, and they’re a bit more elegant than before. You can try experimenting with bold typography in different colors to make your fonts speak.

No matter what typeface you use, always mix and match fonts to find the right combination. Make sure each of your font choices is well thought-out and personifies your brand.

Trend #4: Material Design Stays on Top

Developed with the purpose of improving mobile performance, material design still dominates UI. It’s also not going away anytime soon. While they may look a little bit different in 2019, long solid shadows will continue to be popular.

With the initial goal of improving user experience, navigation becomes more intuitive and easier to understand.

Trend #5: Attention-Grabbing Video Headers

Video headers are a great way of making an impression on your visitors. They immediately grab the attention of anyone dropping by your site. Whether it’s video footage or a moving drawing, your video header can keep visitors on your page longer, as they would want to see what happens next.

As a good rule of thumb, keep a dark video header with light text. People respond to videos in ways they don’t respond to other visuals such as static images or wall of text, so don’t shy away from an interesting video header.

Trend #6: Icon Responsibly

When designing an eye-catching website, you might want to use icons. Like other means of communication – icons are dynamic. If designed in mono-color, they are easy to read and to interact with. If used with care, they can reinforce your icon’s message and increase user engagement. Plus, icons are not heavy, and are scalable without compromising on quality. There are also countless icons to choose from, so you won’t run out of options.

Trend #7: Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP technology is simply invaluable when it comes to creating fast loading pages on mobile devices. Considering that SEO ranking priority goes to websites with AMP-pages, ignoring it won’t do you any favors.

Accelerated Mobile Pages allow your web pages to load almost in a flash. This especially makes sense when browsing on 3G and 4G. AMP’s focus is on instant speed and familiar appearance to create a faster and cohesive mobile experience.

Trend #8: Unique Layouts/ Asymmetrical Layouts Become Popular

So, are you ready to develop something unique? Try unique and unbalanced layouts. You can add a fresh, striking look to your website without calling in the pros. You can also create a more engaging website design that leads the visitor’s eyes where to look. If used effectively, these vivid, dynamic characters can grab the user’s attention. It works great for any design element, from icons and images to video and text.

Trend #9: Keep Your Website Fluid and Responsive

In today’s highly competitive market, having a non-responsive website isn’t wise. With mobile users outnumbering desktop users, a mobile-friendly approach must be a priority. With a responsive design, your website will display well on all screen sizes and browsers regardless of platform or orientation.

Trend #10: Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Transform the way your business interacts with your customers. In this digital era, chatbots are starting to become the norm. With ever-improving artificial intelligence, chatbots are gaining popularity as they provide micro-interactions and excellent customer service across digital media.

If you want to start off a relationship with a potential customer on the right foot, then give a chatbot a try.

Keep abreast of these website design trends for 2019 and keep your website fresh, professional, and relevant.

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