Why You Should Market Your Business On YouTube

People of all ages love watching videos of all kinds. Music, dance, celebrity news, reaction, movie review, unboxing, prank, live events, and cooking videos draw in billions of viewers day after day. It is no wonder then that YouTube, the world’s most popular platform for video sharing, has more or less one billion daily watch hours.

The YouTube Backstory 

Founded in 2005, YouTube was initially conceptualized as an online video dating service. The Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction halftime show incident prompted creators Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim to make significant changes to the site. After failing to find videos on the internet of the infamous incident, they decided to turn YouTube.com/Tune In, Hook Up into a video sharing platform.    

In May 2005, the site went on beta and attracted around 30,000 daily visitors. Seven months later, in December 2005, YouTube was formally launched to the public. At that time, it already amassed more or less eight million views per day. After it was sold to Google in November 2006, YouTube continued to grow. 

Today, there are over two billion YouTube users per month. It is the world’s second-biggest search engine and website and the preferred platform for sharing and viewing music videos, vlogs, celebrity news, movie trailers, updates, and sports highlights. 

YouTube for Your Business 

In October 2005, YouTube scored a hit when a Nike ad featuring world-famous soccer player Ronaldinho reached one million views. The video showed the soccer star getting a pair of Golden Boots from Nike. YouTube advertising strategies weren’t a thing yet at that time, but this significant incident definitely demonstrated the platform’s persuasive marketing powers.

The facts and figures mentioned above prove how useful YouTube is for businesses of all types and sizes. It’s the ideal platform for getting your brand online, establishing a strong virtual presence. If you want to reach as many consumers as possible, from diverse demographics at that, learn how to use YouTube for all your promotional and marketing activities.

Here are specific reasons why you should market your business on YouTube.  

Everyone is on YouTube.

Well, almost everyone, at least. With over two billion monthly users, your target audience is most likely on YouTube practically every day. Even if you post only once or twice a month, just imagine how many people will see and watch your videos. 

However, since there are more or less 300 hours of video posted per minute, you’ll want to ensure that your target audience easily finds and sees your content. How is this done? All you have to do is think like your customers and answer questions they are likely to ask about your brand. Use your answers as your videos’ titles and descriptions.

Your target audience prefers videos over blog posts or articles.

It’s been proven time and again that videos attract more attention than text-based posts, such as blogs or articles. More than 70% of consumers prefer to learn about brands and products by watching videos. Things on video are simpler and easier to understand than photos or images, infographics, and texts. 

Videos are easier to share on social media.

YouTube has a share button that allows users to share their videos on social media. Putting your videos on Facebook is sure to get more people to see your content. After all, it is the world’s most popular social media site with billions of active users. 

Besides getting views, sharing your videos on Facebook can also generate many likes and other reactions. Any form of engagement on social media is good exposure for your brand, and especially when people start sharing your videos. You’ll gain followers who can eventually turn into customers. 

YouTube is global.

YouTube is accessed for free anywhere globally, which means your videos will reach global audiences, and it is available 24/7. The video-sharing platform is used in 88 countries and available in more than 70 languages.  

YouTube is free.

Unlike traditional marketing platforms, YouTube does not cost you anything. As mentioned above, it is available for free – no need to pay for Google or social media ads. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel for your brand and start creating and posting videos. You may have to spend some money on high-quality video equipment, such as a microphone and editing tools, but you’re bound to get your reward soon if you play your cards right.

Additionally, you can also earn through the YouTube Partner Program, which monetizes your content. The more viewers your channel gets, the better your chances for earning are. 

Your content stays on YouTube forever.

All your videos on YouTube will stay there unless you delete them (and you have no reason to). Some content creators even repurpose their content into other formats, such as video series and podcasts. 

The facts above are proof that YouTube is a rewarding and profitable platform for businesses and organizations. So, start creating videos, building brand awareness, expanding your reach, and increasing your return on investment. 

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