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Have Powerful Logo Design to Differentiate Your Brand

Make your company memorable

48% of consumers report that they are more likely to become loyal to a brand during their first experience. You company's logo is one of the most memorable aspects of your business to a consumer, therefore a clean and powerful logo is critical to create a lasting first impression.

Create dedicated and returning consumers

A logo acts as a small reminder about the big picture, which is how amazing your business's product or service is. Quality Logo design allows you to separate your company from the competition and show why your brand is unique in a crowded marketplace.

Personalize your brand

No matter how established or new to the marketplace your business is, your brand logo is a marketing staple that can be utilized to convey your company's message at all hours of the day. The designers at My Biz Niche work to understand the message you wish to communicate and ensure that the finished logo is able to visually do that!

A team of dedicated designers

At My Biz Niche, we pride ourselves on our vast collection of determined and creative team members. When you choose My Biz Niche to design your logo, We provide a team that has a passion for understanding your business, and expressing your messaging when they create a logo that your your customers will remember! Our logo design package comes with three different concept options and three revision opportunities to ensure that you end up with the best possible image for your business.

  • “My Biz Niche was very responsive and easy to work with. They listen well and were able my conceptual idea for all branding design in one meeting. They exceeded my expectations by delivering a draft within days!”

    – Ann Harper

    Owner, Angoy Jack

  • “I highly recommend My Biz Niche. All very courteous and prompt with returning emails with draft designs. They paid attention to my wants and was able to create the exact logo that I had envisioned. They far exceeded my expectations!!!”

    – Michelle West

Why My Biz Niche?

Quality work with a 48 hour turnover time

No more worrying about when your company will have their sleek new logo! Once you choose My Biz Niche and communicate the style of design you would like, we guarantee to have your design complete and delivered to you within 48 hours!

The Logo is all yours!

Once we deliver the logo design to you, your company will have 100% ownership rights over it. Rest assured that the design will be completely free to be used in however you see fit!

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