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Why Personalized Photos for Marketing?

The Importance of Imagery

Do you want to put valuable time and resources into promoting your marketing message if no one remembers it? Of course not! This is why having high quality images is a necessity for any marketing strategy, right up there with impressive company logos and print advertising. Personalized photos are some of the most effective marketing assets your company can have. Ninety percent of information transmitted to our brains is visual. Our brains are designed to process and retain visual stimulus better than any other sense.

Powerful Imagery
Connects to Consumers

The power of imagery transcends language and creates a higher understanding of your company’s message for viewers. Our team will create personalized photo projects for your business to utilize in your marketing campaigns to connect with customers!

Phoenix Photography Services

Don’t Cut Corners

High quality cameras are common to come by in today’s world. Almost everyone has one built directly into their phone. The knowledge and experience of using a camera to create versatile marketing material however, is far less common. People that try to save a quick dollar by taking their own imagery without the necessary know-how, or even worse, use stock images, end up with subpar photos that don’t connect to consumers at all. Consumers crave authenticity. My Biz Niche specializes in creating genuine assets such as excellent images and compelling videos for your company that connect to those consumers.

Website Photography

Images that connect to viewers vastly increase user experience, and subsequently, your site’s SEO. We build websites specifically around your company's message and content because we know how powerfully this connects with consumers. The images we shoot will be high quality photos that you can incorporate into your web design to grab your viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

Website Photography

Social Media

One of the most effective ways to tell your brands story to consumers is by serving them with visually pleasing content across your social media platforms! Dynamic images evoke emotional reaction and engagement from viewers. The images we provide are created with the sole purpose of driving home your brand’s message to consumers. This ensures that our personalized photography will be a versatile asset for all social media platforms.

  • “My Biz Niche was very responsive and easy to work with. They listen well and were able my conceptual idea for all branding design in one meeting. They exceeded my expectations by delivering a draft within days!”

    – Ann Harper

    Owner, Angoy Jack

  • “I highly recommend My Biz Niche. All very courteous and prompt with returning emails with draft designs. They paid attention to my wants and was able to create the exact logo that I had envisioned. They far exceeded my expectations!!!”

    – Michelle West

Why My Biz Niche is the Best Choice

24 hour Turnaround

Never worry about wondering when you’ll receive your photos. Our team members pride themselves on being able to produce high quality work with rapid turnaround. We will have your photos electronically delivered to you in an easy to download format within 24 hours of the completed shoot.

Powerful High Resolution imagery

My Biz Niche will produce high definition photos that genuinely capture the message of your project with powerful color and excellent dynamic range. Our team puts effort into understanding your project goals and strive help you achieve them!

Let’s talk about your photo project!

Tell us about your photo project! Contact My Biz Niche and we will begin planning your photo shoot! We can’t wait to deliver the magnificent imagery that your business needs.
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