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We Made Youtube Advertising Our Biz Niche

The power of video content has on a consumer is unbeatable and with 4 billion videos being watched on youtube every single day, Youtube video ads have become a powerful (and cheap) marketing vehicle to target, educate and convert new consumers/clients for your business. When approached correctly, Youtube advertising can bring in new consumers/clients for your business at a shockingly low cost per acquisition.

Youtube Ad Campaign Services Proven To Change Businesses

Stories From Our Clients

"I was thoroughly impressed with the entire team at My Biz Niche. Due to their efficient project management and creative web design and development, the entire process was incredibly smooth and the result was of high quality."

- Mark, Dental Studio 101

Stories From Our Clients

"My Biz Niche has increased our business by 100% over all other advertising we have tried. By far the best return on investment we have found for our advertising budget (which isnt very big). We had tried several flyers, local magazines, and radio advertising, but NOTHING developed as much traffic as My Biz Niche!"

– Robert, Streetfighter Motorsports

Youtube Advertising Done Right

No matter what social platform our strategists are running ads on, our goal remains the same... Generate an easily trackable return on investment for your business. The success of our Youtube campaign isn’t based on video views or how many people have clicked to your website. Our social strategists are experts at developing conversion focused ad campaigns by doing the following…

  • Evaluating your business goals
  • Determining the strongest product or service to effectively advertise on Youtube
  • Targeting relevant keywords and youtube channels to run ads on.
  • Sending traffic to conversion focused landing pages.
  • Tracking the return on investment for all advertising campaigns.

Additional Benefits Of Youtube Advertising

Getting on video puts you above your competition- Business owners are shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to use video content in their marketing strategies. Part of Youtube’s low cost per acquisition stems from businesses being afraid to invest the time and effort that video content requires. Any business who has competition running video content and refuses to adapt, will undoubtedly fail.

You Only Pay For Relevant Traffic- The option to skip an advertisement becomes available after five seconds. If you run an ad and someone pushed the skip button, you don’t pay for the impression! The only time youtube will charge you is if the user has sat through at least 30 second of your advertisement or clicked the link you are trying to direct traffic to to ensure you are only paying for a chance to convert the audience on a landing page OR for someone who actually had a chance to engage and understand your business.

We Succeed Or You Don’t Pay

  • My Biz Niche is confident in our Youtube advertising strategies, so we know it’s going to work. If we believe you’re business is a good fit for our advertising strategies, we won’t charge you a dime until we generate leads for your business.

  • We’re proud of our track record. Haven’t seen our social advertising results yet? Click here

  • Our process for developing advertising strategies is unique to other agencies you’ll come in contact with. From discovery to execution, our process will change what you think about social advertising.

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