5 Ways to Improve Your Website in 2018

Your website may have everything going for it. The web design is striking, the content impeccable, and the entire site is benefitting from the best Phoenix web design has to offer. However, considering that the Internet is an ever-evolving place, there is always room for improvement for your website.

So what can you or a top SEO agency do to improve your website for 2018? Here are five ways to do it:

1. Make it responsive

It has been some time since the number of mobile users topped the number of people who do their Internet stuff on a desktop computer. Since that point, the need for a website to become more responsive has been hammered time and again.

Apparently, however, beating webmasters over the head with the need for responsiveness isn’t working, with countless non-responsive websites still littering the Internet. Then again, that could change in 2018 with three words: Mobile-First Indexing.

Since late 2016, Google has been testing its plan to give indexing priority to the mobile version of a website. Now Google is going to put that plan into motion in 2018. If that doesn’t make you want to call your Phoenix SEO agency ASAP to work on making your website responsive, nothing probably ever will.

2. Use testimonials or reviews

It’s amusing how many websites manage to put in every imaginable information about their products and services, but hardly anything about the people who have actually given those products and services a try makes it onto the page. Sure, plenty of websites use testimonials or reviews, but considering the number of websites in the world, there are still far too many websites that don’t carry them.

If you’re one of those webmasters who don’t pay much attention to testimonials, it’s about time that you do. Testimonials are extremely powerful tools. They are, after all, social proof that there are actually customers who have been helped by your product or service. Testimonials are also a great conversion rate optimization technique.

You have to keep those testimonials and reviews real though. Internet users these days are so much smarter than before, and they can readily smell if the glowing reviews about your services and products are real or not. While real, written testimonies are okay, short video reviews can do so much better. When your clients say great things about your company on camera, everything becomes more credible. The better your credibility, the better the chances of getting people to inquire about your offerings.

3. Put in more engaging photography

Thankfully, 2017 saw some sort of decline in the use of stock photography. More webmasters have caught on to the fact that stock images are inherently cheesy, and have taken to using original images to make whatever message they want to convey through their website come across.

In 2018, it’s time for you take the use of photography a step further. Take more original photos, or get photography services from a reliable SEO agency. Post more photos with vibrant colors, as they are going to be a thing in the coming year. And with diversity becoming more and more celebrated with each passing day, it would be really great if the photographs on your website feature more people of color and more women. Such images on your website will definitely be more engaging.

4. Optimize for voice search

In 2017, voice search established itself as a legitimate SEO factor, with 55 percent of teens and 40 percent of adults already using voice search on a daily basis according to Google. If you had any doubts about voice search at the beginning of 2017, they should be gone by now. Voice search can only become more prominent in 2018, and it’s about time you start taking voice search more seriously. You can do this on your own, or you can get a dependable SEO company to help you out.

Optimizing for voice search, however, doesn’t mean you’re going to have to turn your entire SEO campaign strategy upside down and make everything revolve around it. If anything, the changes you and the company providing you with Phoenix SEO services should make must be subtle. Incorporating long-tail keywords that are more conversational in nature into your content is a good place to start. You may also want to look into your analytics and find out what queries are taking users to your website.

5. Beef up your website security

2017 is probably the year when a lot of high-profile breaches took place, including the one that hit HBO and endangered property and people alike. With the threat of hacking becoming more and more real with each passing day, it’s only right for you to take precautions to make your website more secure. The need to improve your security is even more imperative if you’re running an ecommerce website. You must protect your customers’ information, something which the ecommerce marketing company who created your site can help you with.

Start with making your passwords a bit more formidable than a loved one’s birth date or—heaven forbid—123456789.  With hackers becoming increasingly efficient at what they do, you should at least give them a hard time. Pick strong, random ones, and use different passwords for your email, your FTP, and cPanel accounts.  It will also help if your OS, antivirus programs, and your CMS are updated to their latest versions, which are typically tougher to crack with their improved security. You also need to be careful about the sites that you link to, that they all can be trusted.

Aside from making the above changes to your site, there are also ways to improve your website security off it. If you have staff working for your online business, you better train them how to maintain their own security over the internet, how to avoid phishing scams, as well as how to handle data both online and offline. You can also bring in an expert from an SEO Phoenix company to help train your employees.

Sometimes, webmasters tend to be a little too close to their work on their sites that they don’t immediately see the need for some changes even if they give it a long, hard look. That’s why it would help if you can get somebody on the outside to give you a different perspective. It could be family, a friend, or a company offering SEO services if you want to cover all the bases.

The opinion an SEO marketing team  like My Biz Niche should be able to help you see what area needs improvement, or if there’s anything new that can be done to make the whole thing seem fresher. Contact us today!

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