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search engine optimization

No one stays on page one of a Google or Bing search without superior SEO. No one.

Dumb luck may get you on page one occasionally, but not with any consistency.
Organic search engine optimization is, in fact, the answer.
But only when you do it right.

And because SEO is considered a nebulous pseudo-science, many business people have lost faith in it. These same business people have also lost faith in the folks who sell SEO services.

You get charged a monthly fee of several thousand dollars...
and for what?
Here's What:

Since more than 90%

of all online experiences begin with a search engine query, organic search engine optimization has become absolutely crucial to almost every business with a website.

Showing up on the first page of a Google or Bing search is a necessity, not a luxury.

Remember: It’s one thing to build a website. Almost anyone can do that. It’s quite another to custom design a website that gets:

Image of Website that have a High Google Ranking
A high Google ranking
Image of Website that is Easy to find
Is easy to find
Image of Website that Receives lots of traffic
Receives lots of traffic
Image of Website that Functions Flawlessly
Functions flawlessly
That’s what we do at my biz niche.
No BS. Real SEO. Real ROI.
We analyze the literally hundreds of ranking factors that search engine algorithms use in order to determine which websites will make it to page one. And we check them all off.
Here’s a Question:
Do you want to be on
Page 1 of Google searches?

And do you want to stay on page 1?

With research showing that 75% of search engine users never venture past the first page, appearing on page one becomes essential to your business.

Not desirable. Essential.

Real SEO,
done right, works.

And the superior SEO services My Biz Niche provides is almost always the difference between clients who struggle, and those who thrive.

By the time I found MBN, I’d spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and gone through probably 40 different SEO companies. I was tired of being lied to. I’m really not sure how they do it. But they rank for me keywords that are extremely competitive.
MBN’s SEO has done quite well for me.

Brian Sloan
Owner  |  Law Offices of Brian Sloan
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Founder & CEO  |  Precision Air & Plumbing
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Community Manager  |  Rainbow Studios
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Señor Mist
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De La Rosa House Cleaning, LLC.
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The Landmark

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At My Biz Niche we look at our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. Then we analyze your specific sales goals and determine what channels are best employed for the quickest ROI.

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