mbn's proprietary

success continuum

What’s the secret of our astonishing success?

There is no secret. It's called science.

It’s a proprietary marketing formula based on the systematic study of cause and effect. It’s advertising that is driven, refined,  enhanced and perfected by customer response.

Most important, it’s a system that self-optimizes on a continual basis.

Imagine a constant stream of on-going creative, continuous A-B-C-D-E-F testing, consistent feedback, and the perpetual measurement of results.

Essentially, it’s your ROI…gauged, measured, assessed and improved every single day.

Anyone can ramp up your budget.

We ramp up your results.

We increase your actual ROI.


brand strategy

Insights that will beat the competition.

If you can accurately measure results, you can manage results.

And if you can manage results, you can improve the results.

Our strategic approach to marketing is simple. Straightforward. No nonsense.

We constantly test creative, media mixes and ad frequency. Every day. Sometimes more often.

And with each re-evaluation comes improvement in results. With each nuance we discover, we refine and adjust our messaging, our media mix and ad frequency.  Or all three.

We home in on your target audience with scientific precision. We talk directly to your customers. And we build a strong emotional connection with those consumers.

Bottom line:
We (mbn) regularly achieve(s) from 500% to 2,500% return on every marketing dollar our clients spend.

Services we provide include:

Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Customer Journey Mapping
Go-to-Market Strategy
Advertising Campaign Development
Marketing Plan Development

brand creative

The art of achieving likeability and trust.

Creative is the word that refers to all the words and pictures we use to brand and sell your product or service.

This is a crucial step essential to forging a real connection, and real trust, with the customer.

And since no creative is perfect, we test various approaches constantly to find the ones that resonate the most and deliver the highest ROI.

And with each refinement - in terms of media mix, words and pictures, and how the dollars are being spent - we increase ROI continuously.

1000% return on investment is not at all unheard of for our clients.
(We know 1,000% ROI sounds too good to be true.  It’s not!)

Services we provide include:

Brand Identity
Visual Communications

brand visibility

How to stand out in a crowded market.

You can have a great strategy and brilliant creative and still fail. Why? Because it all means nothing if you’re not able to reach the right audience at the right time.

At MBN, we’re not only data scientists, we’re also extremely nimble digital marketers who can revise, alter, adjust or refine your online media plan on a moment’s notice.

We know the earth moves at 1,000 miles an hour.  And we know how to keep up.

We know the earth moves at 1,000 miles an hour.
And we know how to keep up.

Services we provide include:

Public Relations
Traditional Media
Marketing Automation

brand performance

Leveraging data to optimize results.

At MBN, we manage key performance indicators on a daily basis. Why? Because it’s essential to the continued success of your marketing campaign. And it’s where we shine.

MBN’s formidable team of over 50 coders, artists, writers, programmers, statisticians and digital scientists are constantly measuring progress, managing refinements and taking actionable steps to achieve and surpass your ROI goals.

Services we provide include:

KPI Management
Data & Analytics
Attribution Models
Reporting & Analysis

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At My Biz Niche we look at our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. Then we analyze your specific sales goals and determine what channels are best employed for the quickest ROI.