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My Biz Niche Leads Platform is a powerful and customizable solution that your business has been waiting for. Easy to use and set up, having the power to automate key marketing activities and interact with leads on a 1-to-1 basis is the edge you need to beat out your competition. With the marketing automation services that My Biz Niche Leads Platform provides, your digital marketing goals will become easier to achieve.

Marketing Automation Tablet
Content Marketing Strategy

Useful content when it's most usable!

Timing and relevancy are everything... set up and deploy the right messaging at the right time.

  • Identify Valuable Leads
  • Convert More Sales
  • Understand Your Business Data
Content Marketing Strategy
  • “My Biz Niche partnered with Sharpspring to create a very innovative tool for marketing automation and data capture. At we have been successfully using it to increase referral leads, customer reviews, and retargeting for customers that are not finishing the purchasing funnel. We would recommend this for any company looking to enhance their marketing ROI!”

    – Roberta Anderson

    Marketing Director,

  • “The MBN marketing automation software has given us the opportunity to quickly create reports and analyze data in a VERY user friendly dashboard. This allows us to allocate more budget towards successful campaigns, and kill the unsuccessful ones. No better way to maximize your marketing dollars!”

    – Nicholas Keller

    Owner, Rainforest Coffee Company

  • “We hired My Biz Niche to assist with setting up a new CRM software and to provide training. Robert was extremely helpful and attentive during the 6-8 week implementation period. We needed custom configurations and he was readily available to assist with our business needs.”

    – Joanna Bensimon

    Marketing Director, Adomni

Our toolbox

Action-Based Email Automation

Personalize every email you send with a beautiful design and engaging videos to ignite the conversation. Send every lead the right info at the right time with Smart Email, and notify Sales at any point in the life cycle. With email automation services, you can stop blasting emails and start having conversations.

Smart Forms

Build custom forms, reorder variables, and customize appearance with our easy-to-use editor. Or, integrate form tracking using your current website’s form and know exactly who is filling out the form and where they are coming from. You can get all this and more with Sharpspring marketing automation.

Visitor Identification

Identify users on your site in real time, track how much time is spent on which pages, and analyze common behaviors. Visitor ID also will deliver a list to your inbox each day with your hottest leads, allowing you to make the connection and convert more sales.

Call Tracking

Spending money on marketing? Our call tracking software tells you where exactly where your calls come from. But that’s just the start. Also included are custom whisper messages, various email notifications, and monthly reporting to keep track of which channels are producing the best results.

Actionable Data (Analytics)

Understanding your ROI for marketing campaigns allow for educated decisions with accurate, relevant data. Filter through specific dates, campaigns, and other metrics to build custom reports in minutes. But, it gets better...

Unique CRM

Built-In and 3rd Party Customer Relation Management integrations let you track leads from creation to close and every step in between. Create a custom sales pipeline, fields, and filters to manage your sales process within clicks.

Rescued Marketing Automation

Adomni marketing_automation

Black Mountain Outfitters Inc. marketing_automation


Adomni is the first full-service agency focused exclusively on connecting digital billboard owners and advertisers across the nation. Integrating dozens of marketing channels to automate workflows, generate leads, and build campaigns through an easy-to-use dashboard was just the beginning. We took it a step further, creating custom API calls to connect third-party tools and software platforms with our built-in CRM for a turnkey solution.

Black Mountain Outfitters Inc.
Black Mountain Outfitters Inc.

Black Mountain Outfitters is one of the most experienced hunting outfitters in the nation and needed a dependable Marketing Automation and CRM solution to back their efforts. With a customized Sales Pipeline, Campaign Tracking, Lead Scoring, and Time-Saving Automation, we were able to provide the data needed to optimize what works and fix what doesn’t, allowing their agents to focus on and close more sales.

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