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Innovative, modern, targeted website design is the best way to make sure your business and brand make an impact on everyone who visits your website.

That's how leads become customers, and that is something that you can certainly pull off with the help of a Phoenix web design company like My Biz Niche.

At My Biz Niche, we don’t just design websites. Every Phoenix website designer on our team will create engaging user experiences that allow you to connect with visitors in a meaningful way.

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Does Your Website Have a High Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who leave as soon as they hit your website. If more than half of your visitors are leaving as soon as they arrive, you need to find out why.

Load Time: When your website takes too long to load, visitors don’t stick around long enough to find out what your business is all about.

Responsiveness: If your website is not responsive, visitors who enter from a mobile device will not be able to easily navigate or interact with your content.

Our Approach to Web Design

The entire team at My Biz Niche is involved in making your website design project a success. Capable Phoenix web design firms know that good web design goes hand-in-hand with good marketing, which is why we make sure your new website will look great on all devices and load fast. That’s because your website is the foundation to ANY future marketing. 

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Identifying Your Objectives: We’ll work closely with you to identify your key objectives and what action you want visitors to take on your website.

Understanding Your Business Niche: Effective web design goes beyond simply learning what you want your website to look like. We strive to get a greater understanding of your business niche and put ourselves in the shoes of your ideal customer or client.

Creating a Better User Experience: Great design helps guide users through your website effortlessly. We don’t just design websites. We design and develop a superior user experience.

Optimizing for SEO: Many don’t realize that websites and search engine optimization are dependent on each other. Websites that load fast, embrace responsive design and provide users with the information they are looking for outrank sites that don’t.

Making a good first impression: For small businesses, branding is that one opportunity to make a splash from the get-go. And there’s no better way to make a good first impression than to come up with a strong logo that best represents your brand. We can help you create a logo design that does that and more.

Drawing visitors in with stunning images: While you can always use stock photos, there’s simply nothing like using professional photography for your website. They are of better quality and are infinitely more authentic, providing you with the best way to connect with your customers long before they have read a word of your written content.

Making visits a moving experience: If images are worth a thousand words, then a video—even one that’s only 30 seconds long—is probably worth a million. Even a short video can easily capture the attention of visitors, and keep it for its entire duration. We can produce videos that are just as compelling for your website, all to give visitors a more engaging experience.

Going beyond your website: For all its importance, your website is but a part of a well-rounded marketing campaign. The same goes for print advertising. With our printing design services, we can create marketing materials such as brochures, direct mail flyers, postcards, even event invitation designs, all of which are designed to work across a wide range of media.

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  • “I was thoroughly impressed with the entire team at My Biz Niche. Due to their efficient project management and creative web design and development, the entire process was incredibly smooth and the result was of high quality.”

    – David Erhart

    Partner, Trinity Capital Investment

  • “Excellent website building, management, and digital marketing team. All inconclusive for our SEO, social media and website needs. We have spent a lot of time and money in this area with other companies and My Biz Niche has seriously been the most worth it!!”

    – Megan Boyle

    Doctor/Dentist, Dental Studio 101

Modern Designs Backed by World-Class Development

Better website design is as much about what you don’t see as what you don’t. Clean, well thought-out coding is the engine that drives your website. That’s why we custom design and custom code every website we build.

You only have seconds to make an impression with your brand. Don’t waste the opportunity. If all the elements don’t add up, people will forget you as quickly as they found you.

Transparent Pricing, Real Value

We provide real value for the money you spend on website design. Every decision we make is based on experience, research and analysis. Our web design strategies are put into place with the primary focus on growing your business and converting more leads into customers.

Missing Out on Potential Customers?

It's frustrating knowing thousands of local consumers are search for services and products YOU offer, but one is finding you.

A targeted website engineered for your business niche can turn that around. Instead of letting Google burry you in search results, let us design and develop your next project. Every one of our sites goes through a 40-point SEO checklist to make sure we are setting you up for success!
Find out what it takes to get the attention of your visitors. Schedule a free brainstorming session with My Biz Niche. If visitors are not finding you or leaving your website without contacting you in any way, you need to find out why. We can help.

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My Prolific

Whether it is software solutions, merchant services, gift and loyalty programs, business loans, check processing, e-commerce solutions or other business services you are looking for, My Prolific has it covered. On the search for a website as interactive and versatile as their merchant solutions, My Prolific found us. From Custom Animation Effects to a Secure User Portal, the new Prolific website has it all… Including some 21,000 + users since launch!

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Michelle Bell Law

Michelle Bell has become one of the most respected and sought after DUI Defense Lawyers in the greater Phoenix area through hard work and dedication. As Michelle’s reputation rapidly grows, she knew she needed a website to back everything she worked so hard for. Since launching her new site, we’ve decreased bounce rate by nearly 20% and ranked for over 570 relevant keywords


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