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All business types. Any size. We work with e-Commerce companies that sell big ticket items to thousands of customers and need a custom, multi-step checkout process. Other clients come to us with ideas that require special coding and dynamic scripting languages. Some need help embedding their original videos on their website seamlessly. The best mobile app development Phoenix has to offer?  Yup. We will give you that too.

My Biz Niche is a full-service Phoenix web development and design agency that believes there’s no limit to what good coding can achieve.

Phoenix Web Development Services

Flawless Front-End Development

Our front-end web development services cover all the major framework languages. In a field where the tools and techniques are constantly changing and evolving, you need to hire developers who are up to date with the latest trends.

Development Service Block
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HTML5: The foundation of any website is HTML, or HyperText Markup Language. Without this programming language, a web page could not exist. HTML5 is the latest version and allows developers to create complex functions and web applications.

BootStrap 3: This framework allows our developers to build custom websites and applications with the features and functionality businesses need to thrive online. Our clients can expect responsive and user-friendly websites.

Foundation 6: Our developers also work with Foundation 6 to create custom websites, web applications and to build captivating emails for client campaigns.

JavaScript: This is the programming language that transforms static web pages into a dynamic interface.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language that allows front-end developers to customize the presentation and features of HTML. It is used to create visually engaging websites, user interfaces and web applications. We know:

  • CSS
  • CSS2
  • CSS3

At My Biz Niche, our front-end developers work with major programming languages so that every website looks and functions in a way that meets the needs of today’s businesses.

  • “I was thoroughly impressed with the entire team at My Biz Niche. Due to their efficient project management and creative web design and development, the entire process was incredibly smooth and the result was of high quality.”

    – David Erhart

    Partner, Trinity Capital Investment

  • “We highly recommend My Biz Niche for ANY development project! They have provided us with great SEO, PPC, and website design/development! The other night we found out we needed a website change at 8pm. I was able to get a hold of my account manager and they were able to get everything we needed done that night for our presentation the next day!!! Great Work! Thank you!”

    – Roberta Anderson

    Marketing Director,

  • “I have had My Biz Niche develop not one, but TWO websites for my companies. I have wasted a lot of time and money trying to work with other companies. Seriously stop what you are doing and call them! I promise you will not be dissapointed. Shawn, Hannah, and the rest of their team are absolutely amazing. Reasonable price for the premium, industry leading delivery. Custom coding, gorgeous design, coupled with intuitive analytics SEO and PPC that will drive traffic. Not only are these guys the experts, they are personal and really care!”

    – Nicole Simmons

Reliable, Modern and Functional Back-End Development

Back-end developers are the ones who create the core computational logic of a website. Or, the engine under the hood, so to speak.

PHP Development

This programming language drives many popular content management systems, including Wordpress. Because this language is well suited for web development, PHP is used to power everything from self-published blogs to the largest and most popular websites on the planet. We also work with the following PHP frameworks.

  • Laravel icon
  • Codeigniter icon

ASP.NET Development

This programming language was developed by Microsoft to allow developers to produce dynamic web pages and web applications. ASP.NET development is a highly specialized area of web development.


The programing done on the back end plays a major role in any website’s security. Any loopholes or weaknesses can be exploited by hackers looking to steal sensitive information from you or your customers.

Content Management Systems

We work with all of the top Content Management Systems to ensure your digital content is easy to manage. These software applications and related programs allow you to create and manage all forms of digital content. Our team is highly trained in:

  • Wordpress icon
  • Magento icon
  • Joomla icon
  • Drupal icon
  • Adobe Business Catalyst icon

C++ and C#

Our back-end developers are fluent in this type of programming with skills in C++, C# and all the major scripting languages. Without precise and knowledgeable back-end development, the design elements and user functionality could not render or operate correctly.

Tell us About Your Project

We know web development can seem a little overwhelming. If you need a ground up redesign or simply need to work out some irritating bugs, My Biz Niche can help. And when your website’s up and you need search engine optimization done on it, we can also be of assistance. We provide social media marketing, printing design, website photography, and logo design services as well. Give us a call and we’ll make time to chat.

    Do you have an existing website application that needs updating?
    Is your website idea completely original?
    Is your website idea based off of any previous website idea that can be used as an example?
    Do you need guidance to help finalize project details?

    Now you know about our Biz Niche. Tell us about yours!

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